31-01-2017 Indstilling til CEDR prisen for 2017


The European Council for Agriculture Law awards in 2017
one CEDR Prize of Honour
one Prize of the CEDR


I. To be eligible competitors must be authors of a work which as either yet to be published or which was published after the 1st of January 2015 and which must be at least 100 pages long and written in or translated into one of the languages of the European Union. The subject must be either agricultural law or agro-alimentary law.
II. The request for the work to be considered must be submitted either by the author or by an association or an institute belonging to the CEDR representing one or several authors. Each entry must be accompanied by three copies of the work and a CV of the author. Applications must be made to Professor ROLAND NORER, Delegate General of CEDR, University of Lucerne, Frohburgstrasse 3, CH-6002 Lucerne (E-mail: roland.norer@unilu.ch) before the 15 June 2017.
III. The prizes will be awarded in the name of the Committee of the CEDR at the XXIX European Congress of the CEDR that will take place at Lille from September 21–23 2017. The winners of the prizes will be chosen by a jury composed of the President, Delegate General and Secretary General of the CEDR assisted by one or two members of the Board of Management of the CEDR coming from different countries.
IV. The winners will receive a diploma. The value of the CEDR prize will be determined by the Board of Management of the CEDR.

M. le Professeur ROLAND NORER, Délégué Général du CEDR, Université de Lucerne, Frohburgstrasse 3, CH-6002 Lucerne (phone 0041.41.2295383; E-mail: roland.norer@unilu.ch)